Hey, I am Stefany and I live in Lima, Perú

If you had a day off, what would be the first thing you would want to do?

A romantic comedy marathon definitely (aka Bridget Jones) or any period drama (extra points if it’s Jane Austen).

Name a problem that you would like to solve.

Access to education is a big problem in Peru, the difference between public and private schools (especially high schools) is already huge. This pandemic has just accentuated the inequality and I would really like to help children to get the education that they deserve.

 Unusual ritual?

I have a Pinterest mood board for every study scenario according to the weather (cloudy day in the library, sunny afternoon in the cafeteria, etc). I need to visualize my boards before studying so I can be motivated.


One thing you want to do before you’re thirty?

Living alone in my own apartment and finally decorating it how I like.