Young People in Action

We are a team of young adults, living around the globe in places ranging from The Netherlands to South Africa, Nigeria, Japan and Australia. All of us are interested in many things, be it gardening or photography, rowing or chilling in a hammock – our interests are as unique and different as the people who make up the backbone of our organisation. There is however one passion that we all share: Building up the community of Young Global Thinker and connecting (with) people from around the world!


Anna Rachel Heckhausen

Motivational Leader – Events

Hayfa Zarbout

Motivational Leader – Content

Valeria Dulanto

Motivational Leader – Networking

Sher Shah

Motivational Leader – Coordination

Daniel Heuer

Evaluation Guru

Alexandra Heitplatz

Communication & Voice Specialist

John Garland

Organisational Leader – Events

Pranav Shankar Kaundinya

Website Editor & Evaluator

Josefine Carlotta Petrick

Organisational Leader – Networking

Anna Wieselmann

Organisational Leader – Coordination


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Content Team

Networking Team

Coordination Team

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