Hey, my name is Rob and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa

If you had a day off, what would be the first thing you would want to do?

I would most likely sleep in a bit later than usual, head to the gym and then have a big breakfast afterwards. Then I would most likely spend the rest of my day playing videogames, reading, or spending time with my friends. After that I would most likely cook a really nice dinner and spend the evening with my friends and family.

Name a problem that you would like to solve.

My home country of South Africa while growing still remains technologically unadvanced. I would love to help bring South Africa into the future of the 4th industrial revolution and beyond because I believe that if we can embrace these technologies then South Africa will have the ability to overcome many other difficulties such as education and healthcare.

One thing you want to do before you’re thirty?

If I was ever afforded the opportunity I would love to buy and then refurbish an old car. I love working with my hands and I would love to work on something as complicated as a car and I would love the opportunity to learn more about how they work and what it takes to rebuild one.