Hey, I am Alex! 

If you had a day off, what would be the first thing you would want to do?

Firstly, I would probably plan all the cool things I could do on that day! They would certainly involve cooking a fancy meal, working out and seeing my friends.

Name a problem that you would like to solve.

That’s a hard one! Thinking big it would probably be world peace and happiness, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Right now I am very interested in the field of mobility and how it affects social equality, personal well being and of course climate change. I envision (mostly) car-free cities, designed for living and breathing, where everybody has equal possibilities to travel wherever and whenever they want to, while protecting climate, environment and the social life of our cities!

One thing you want to do before you’re thirty?

I would like to move to the UK for some time! As a half german/half british gal, who has spent (most of) her life in Germany, I would love to get to know my home country better. Things have not become easier thanks to Brexit, but I am determined 😉