We are a newly founded organisation with the goal to connect young people from different backgrounds. Striving to create a global community, we are mainly doing this by providing online conferences to discuss important political and societal topics of our time. A place to connect, share experiences, and learn and grow from each other. Participate in our next event and get to know new perspectives, ideas and opinions!


Young Global Thinker is a newly founded organisation, aiming to connect young people around the globe. The key idea is that you will do so by talking to and engaging in projects with people around your age who come from a completely different background – be it from another country, religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic context.

Together, we will discuss matters which affect us all

You will need nothing more than a computer with an internet connection to participate.

Join us, learn from others, and expand your horizon


As an organisation, we want to connect curious young people all over the world and encourage learning from our shared, but also diverging experiences. To reach this goal, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment.

At Young Global Thinker, everyone’s voice is heard and each person is treated with respect. Both with our team and our global network we are building an inclusive and open-minded community. Doing so, our goal is to be fully transparent, as sustainable as we can and welcoming towards constructive criticism. Only this way we can expand our knowledge, grow as a community, and create, exchange and connect the way we strive to.

We want to connect young people around the globe to build a truly global society
By exchanging our thoughts, we can take new perspectives and better understand complex political problems
Using our new knowledge and connections, let´s build the world we want to live in